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Buy-a-brick sale extended until May 6, 2017! Buy a brick online or print the mail in form (mail by May 6th).

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Riding the Squannacook River Rail Trail video

Quicktime version of Riding the Squannacook River Rail Trail

In the fall of 2015, some members of Squannacook Greenways board of directors take you on a 5 minute tour of the as-yet unbuilt Squannacook River Rail Trail. See how pretty and useful this rail trail will be for the towns of Groton and Townsend.

Thanks also to the Townsend Library, who's free lynda.com access for Townsend residents was key to creating this short video.

Video of riding the rail trail

Click on the image above to watch the video
Three rail trail events planned for early 2017

Riding the trail video

Watch the above video to learn about three events we have planned for early 2017. On April 29th from 9-11:30 am we will be holding a clean-up day on the rail trail. Our buy a brick sale has been extended to May 6th. And finally, we have a day for families on the rail trail planned for June 3rd. Mark your calendars!

Use Amazon? Here's how to help pay for the rail trail without it costing you anything

Riding the trail video

If you use Amazon, please watch this 1 minute quicktime video of how to use smile.amazon.com to help pay for building the Squannacook River Rail without it costing you anything.

Donate a brick fundraiser ends Dec. 31, 2016

Thanks to everyone who has helped make 2016 a great year, and don't forget that our Donate a Brick fundraiser ends Dec. 31, 2016!

Trail walk Nov. 5, 2016

Thanks to the over 60 participants in the rail trail walk Nov. 5, 2016

Thanks to Freedoms Way and the Townsend Historical Society for helping to make this a great day!

Trail walk Nov. 5, 2016

Rail trail walk Saturday Nov. 5th at 2016, organized by Freedom's Way National Heritage Area

Explore history while walking the path of the future stone dust Squannacook River Rail Trail in Groton and Townsend. We will walk one way along the full length of the 3.7 mile rail bed, stopping at the halfway point for a tour of the Townsend Historical Society's Reed Homestead.

Trail walk Nov. 5, 2016

Watch a 2 minute quicktime video describing plans for the Nov. 5th walk.

Park at the town parking lot at the intersection of Riverbank Terrace and Jefts Street in Townsend near the trestle. From there we will arrange a shuttle to the other end of the rail trail for our one way walk. A volunteer will also be available to pick up anyone who does not wish to complete the full walk. This walk is part of the Freedom's Way National Heritage Area's Connecting Communities Along Our Trails series, and is jointly sponsored by Squannacook Greenways and the Townsend Historical Society.

Making the Case For RAILS TO TRAILS in Townsend

Video in support of the May 2006 rail trail ballot question in Townsend by Sebring/Wotkowicz (www.sebringdesign.com) - 18 minutes

Windows version (wmv) - 43 MB

Quicktime version (mp4) - 81 MB (May take a few minutes to load, depending on your bandwidth)

Also the short promo video as Windows wmv or Quicktime mp4.


Camera - Sylvia Morrison

Edit - Ellen Sebring

Music - Richard Sebring

Special thanks to:

Steve Meehan, Paul Sebring, Joan Wotkowicz, Ryan Andrews, Sue Gerken, Ken Gerken, Bob Plamondon, Peter Cunningham, and Rebecca, Ben, Emily, Rachel and Daniel King

Rail Trail vote image

FST open meeting presentation

Video of Fay Spofford & Thorndike's presentation at the June 12, 2008 public meeting - 38 minutes

Windows version (wmv) - 97 MB

Quicktime version (mp4) - 99 MB (May take a few minutes to load, depending on your bandwidth)


FST public meeting

Thanks to Hartley Pleshaw of Townsend public access television for taking the video.